Wednesday, 12 July 2017


I was lucky to take Luke to see the truly Wonderful Wonderland  at the Regent Theatre in Stoke. The auditorium was packed and full of children so I knew Luke was going to enjoy it.

Wonderland is the modern day version of a mixture of Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Fast forward to a now 40 year old woman, Alice's miserable life takes an interesting turn after she follows the White Rabbit through a broken lift into Wonderland, along with her daughter, Ellie from a failed marriage and her neighbour, Jack. She comes face to face with familiar characters who we know and love from the original books including the Queen of Heart, Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat.

The singing and acting was superb, Kerry Ellis plays Alice, her voice was strong and powerful, Naomi Morris plays the stroppy teenage daughter, Ellie, very true to life and funny. For me I was pleasantly surprised by Wendi Peters who played the Queen of Hearts, as a lifelong Corrie fan I wasn't expected too much but her voice was amazing and she portrayed the character well. The mad hatter was not the usual 'male' but played by Natalie McQueen who belted out some outstanding numbers.

The set and costumes were colourful, it had us totally engaged throughout the show. It was great to see Luke recognise the different characters too. A fun evening for the whole family.

Wonderland is on until 15th July in Stoke

Friday, 23 June 2017


In the 80's my sister and I spent many a time pretending to be Pepsi and Shirley (the backing singers from Wham). We were totally besotted with George Michael, he was our first Pop Idol and we were totally besotted with him. We knew all the dance moves and song lyrics.

On 25th December 2016 the devastating news that George Michael had passed away at only aged 53 was shocking and the worst end to a crazy year where we lost many legends. 

Faith - George Michael The Legacy is currently touring and we were lucky enough for them to visit Crewe Lyceum Theatre. The 2 hour show is packed full of George's best loved hits including Outside, Freedom, Careless Whisper and Faith, and also including my favourite Wham! songs. Wayne Dilks performs exactly like George and has his dance moves and mannerisms to perfection, his voice was spellbounding. The backing singers Sofia Wilks and Annette Campbell were superb, as was the very talented Saxophonist and Flutist Jo Ashcroft. The whole production was professional and all the musicians were amazing. 

It was a celebration of George Michael's talent and was both emotional and uplifting. Dilks had us up out of our seats singing and clapping along and then we were just captivated with his heartfelt renditions of Jesus to a Child and Different Corner. 

The atmosphere in the Theatre was buzzing and I would highly recommend to any fans of George Michael. 

Monday, 8 May 2017


Well I have had some eventful Saturday nights in my time, but last night was a first, I can honestly say I have never spent one watching men in lycra wrestling! Luke (now 10) has always been a fan of Wrestling on the TV and has a box full of figures so to see some high impact wrestling for real was going to be fun. We were intrigued how it would be set up, the ring took up virtually the whole stage which could be seen from all seats in the auditorium.

The atmosphere was electric, it was great to see so many youngsters dressed up in masks, head bands and foam fingers. There was so much excitement whilst waiting for the show to start.

We were encouraged by the MC to shout as loud as we could, stamp our feet and that is just what the audience did. There were lots of boos for the baddies and big loud cheers for the good guys. Our favourite was the local from Stoke, Deano, his match ended up in the aisle amongst the audience, we got to see the action very close up!

We were treated to 4 energetic matches, the camaraderie between the wrestlers and audience was entertaining and panto-like. The last bout was the Battle Royal, where all 8 wrestlers are in the ring at the same time, their aim is to throw their opponents out over the top rope, a little predictable but the good guys always win....don't they?

It was an amusing and enjoyable night with my little man and he revelled in it which was the main thing. For anyone who has young children who are obsessed in Wrestling, this show is an absolute must.

Thursday, 30 March 2017


It's not often I don't know the story-line or many songs from a musical, so although I'd heard rave reviews about Funny Girl, it was nice to go along without any expectations and try to predict the storyline (which I got completely wrong!)

The movie version brought global fame to Barbra Streisand 50 years ago and boasts some of the most iconic songs in film and theatre history, including People and Don't Rain on My Parade. It tells the true story of Fanny Brice, whose vocal talents and comedic ability see her rise from Brooklyn music hall singer to Broadway star.

West End star, Natasha J Barnes played Fanny brilliantly, her voice was captivating and her
american accent was spot on, her comedy expressions and mannerisms had the audience laughing out loud. Recording artist Darius Campbell (of Pop Idol fame) played a charismatic, handsome and very charming Nick Arnstein. The chemistry between them was believable and romantic.

Set in the 1920's the costumes were colourful, scenery was incredible and I was impressed with the amount of quick changes including footwear. 

The ensemble entertained us with their tap and ballet numbers and Joshua Lay showed off his talents as the lovable Eddie Ryan. Rachel Izen played Mrs Brice (Fanny's mum) surprised me with her energetic dancing, she obviously wasn't as old as she looks!

Barnes was genuinely humbled and emotional with her standing ovation, which was well deserved. Funny Girl is on until Saturday.

Friday, 24 February 2017


I introduced Luke to Michael Jackson about 2 years ago and he was instantly hooked, I grew up listening to his music and its hard to believe the Bad Album first came out 30 years ago, so when a friend told me that Forever Jackson was coming to Crewe Lyceum I knew I had to get tickets. An even bigger bonus was it was during half term so the late night didn't matter!

It was lovely to see so many other children dressed up as the man himself, don't think Luke would have forgiven me if he was the only one with the black fedora and sequin glove. You could feel the excitement in the theatre waiting for the show to start. It was an amazing atmosphere when Robin Parsons stepped on stage for the first time and opened with 'Wanna be starting something'. His look and his moves were identical to Michael Jackson and it gave me goosebumps as we have watched many videos and live show recordings to compare. My personal favourite is Smooth Criminal and when he performed the 'lean' we were highly impressed.

The costumes were also a carbon copy of the originals, there was lots of quick changes but we were entertained with dance breaks by the talented 4 Hip Hop Pop dancers. The musicians were equally outstanding and the guitarist for Dirty Diana was incredible.

After the interval we were treated to some oldies from the Jackson 5 and an acapella version of 'Why' which dispelled the rumours that Robin lip syncs, there was certainly no doubt about him singing live. We weren't disappointed by the Moonwalk during 'Billie Jean' and the whole dance break section under the spotlight.

At the end, Robin does a Free meet and greet for the fans, he said that he would not leave until the last person had had their picture taken. It was a real treat for Luke and such a nice thing to do for the fans as I'm sure after an energetic 2 hour show all he wanted to do was take off the make up and costume and get home!

Making memories with my son is what I love doing best and I think I succeeded, with the help of this stunning performance of the legend, Michael Jackson. We hope Robin returns to Crewe next year, we will certainly be back again!

Check out his website for updates of forthcoming shows

Thursday, 22 December 2016


Monday, 12 December 2016


We 'flew' into Crewe Lyceum on Saturday for the opening night of Aladdin, we arrived early to try out Wishee Washee's Street Food which was tasty and good value for money.

I grew up watching Cannon and Ball and saw them on stage when I was around Luke's age, I even had the 'Rock On Tommy' braces! 30 years on (and a bit!) I still found them hilarious and they're clever one-liners and banter had the audience chuckling at PC Tommy & PC Bobby.

Dan Walter of Stage School fame, was a charismatic Aladdin and his partnering with the beautiful Princess Jasmine, Danielle Chupak gave us a convincing romantic storyline. Their dancing and singing enthralled us.

Wishee Washee was played by CBeebies, Sid Sloane, he was great at involving the audience by shouting out 'Hiya Wishee' whenever he walked onto the stage. Their mother, Widow Twankey was the funny Malcolm Lord, the striptease was very funny and I almost had to cover Luke's eyes!

Mark Turnbull was the perfect Panto baddy as Abanazer and his sidekick Scheherazade (my hubby's favourite character!) was Lauren Mobley.

Without giving away too many spoilers, Dooby Duck and his friends put on an impressive show, it has us all captivated.

The costumes were stunning and colourful and it was lovely to see the theatre so full and buzzing.
I hope they sort out the sound issues as there was a bit of reverberation and the music seemed to drown out the singing at times but other than that, I would recommend as a great family entertainment show.

Go to for tickets.